Health Insurance : Avoid Having Exorbitant Medical Expenses


As its name implies, health insurance, refers to a policy that can be hired in order to avoid having exorbitant medical expenses. Often both small and large corporations sign agreements with the insurance companies with the purpose of offering a protective plan for their employees.

These agreements can be renewed in settled periods of time, which can range from a year, two years, five years etcetera. Usually developed countries have a highly efficient public health, letting that the people access to doctors and medications of quality practically without cost.

On the other hand, a subject that should become clearly clarified is that health insurances only cover up the total costs of the diseases that are stipulated inside her catalog or booklet. In other words, if the patient has some disease that is outside the plan, the insurance will be offered medical attendance, but the patient will have to take responsibility for settling the costs generated by all of the treatment.

There are different modes in the case of health insurances, for instance: There are those that are referred to as Premium. These are different from the rest, because the customer accomplishes a payment directly to the insurance firm to receive the health benefits according to the contract.

In other cases, we found as those known as deductibles are that the insured has to pay for medical care or drug until he has finished paying his dues to the insurance company. Since the date of last payment, the insurance firm has the obligation to reimburse a certain amount of money to its customer.

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Another modality very used nowadays is the Co-insurance and works in the following way. For instance, let’s suppose that a patient should be subjected to a complex surgical procedure and therefore he has to pay a percentage of the surgery. As a general rule, the customer does not fail to pay more than 20 % (except on special occasions).

Special mention deserves those health insurances that offer insurance coverage for life. Although what often insurance companies do make is assigned a maximum dollar amount to the customer. For instance, a person can spend to $10,000 in three years for medical expenses. If it exceeds that amount, the person will be forced to pay the difference.

We almost forget to mention another model of health insurance, is known as Out of pocket. This is for the patient to pay all expenses that his economic status allows paying, at the moment he cannot continue paying his medical bills the insurance company takes care of the subject.

Finally we recommend you than before making the decision to hire a service of this type, seek advice with professional people. Also it is very important that so as the company where you work as the insurance company explain you very clearly which are the benefits in the plan of health that they are offering you.

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