Swyfft Home Insurance Review


Swyftt home insurance takes a unique approach to quoting and providing customers with a homeowners insurance package. To save you time and money, Swyfft uses AI technology to collect and analyze area information to offer you the best (and most accurate) quote on your home insurance.

Swyfft doesn’t directly insure your home. The company has partnered with reputable insurance carriers to underwrite all policies. Swyfft handles the quoting process, customer service issues and the start of your claims process. The insurance carrier handles the rest.

The Specs

Price The company claim that almost half of its customers can save 10 to 20% per year on a homeowners policy with Swyftt.
Best for Homeowners with a poor credit history or other personal factors which may affect their premiums because Swyftt provides quotes based on the property, not the individual.
Not for Anyone living outside the service area
States served
  • Alabama
  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Commercial insurance is available in Florida.
  • Home security system
  • Gated community
  • Claim-free period discounts
AM Best Rating
  • Swyftt only works with insurance carriers with an AM Best rating of A- or higher.
  • Standout features
  • Get a quote in seconds simply by entering your home’s address
  • Your rate is based on your property and not personal factors
  • Low customer complaints
  • An A+ Better Business Bureau rating

The claim

Swyfft Home Insurance

Swyftt homeowners insurance stands out because of its lightning-fast quote and underwriting process. The company collects area data to compare and evaluate using AI technology to quickly and accurately provide you with a quote. It even knows if your dwelling is in a special area such as flood zone or hurricane belt and includes this in your quote. All you need to do is enter an address and Swyftt handles the rest.

Swyftt also claims to work with insurance providers with an AM Best of A- (Excellent) or higher. The rating is an indicator of an insurer’s financial strength. The higher the rating, the more likely the company is able to pay claims out. Some of

Is it true?

We entered a Florida coastal home address, which quickly auto-completed in the search bar. Clicking on “Get Quote” delivered a price in seconds, including hurricane insurance and the option to select a deductible amount, edit the home’s value amount and further customize the policy. Once the information was complete, we received an email quote for Clear Blue Insurance, a provider with an AM Best rating of A-, in roughly one minute.

We were given the option to pay for the policy using a debit or credit card such as American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa. You can also set up the policy to automatically draft payments from a checking account.

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Our deep dive

Swyfft may provide quotes quickly, but the policies provided are thorough and complete. All Swyftt homeowners insurance policies come with replacement cost coverage for the dwelling and personal property. Here’s a look at all the coverages included:

  • Dwelling to cover the repair or replacement cost of the home’s structure such as framing, roof, flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and walls.
  • Other structures, which includes property structures not attached to the main house such as a detached garage, storage sheds or a guest house.
  • Personal property to cover the replacement of home contents and belongings of all residents, including children away at college
  • Living expenses reimburses expenses for your household members and pets that were incurred if you needed to stay in temporary housing or a hotel while your home was being repaired to be habitable again
  • Personal liability pays for a defense attorney and covers you against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that happened on your property
  • Medical expenses would pay for a guest or visitor’s medical expenses if they were injured on your property

Cost rundown

Sean Maher and Richard Trezza, founders of the insuretech company, estimate “almost half of homeowners could save 10-20% per year with Swyfft.” Our quote for a single-family home in Panama City Beach valued at $265,690 came back at $2,690 annually with a 10% hurricane insurance deductible. After plugging in the same information into other insurance websites, prices varied but were generally higher by as much as 25%.

Cheaper (or free!) alternatives

You can save on your homeowners insurance by doing a little legwork ahead of time:

    • Shop around: As with all insurance products, shopping around for the best home insurance to compare prices could save you money.
    • Look for discounts: Take advantage of the range of discounts offered by insurance providers. Multi-policy bundles when you insure your car and dwelling in one place, serving in the military or for setting up automatic pay are just a few examples of ways you could save.
    • Add a home security system: Doing so could reduce the chances your home will be broken into. Don’t forget to tell your insurance provider because you might get a discount on your insurance premium.
    • Raise your deductible: The deductible is the amount you’ll pay out of pocket if you file a claim. Raising your deductible lowers your annual premium. If you’re worried about how you’ll cover the amount in case of a claim, put the money you save on your monthly premium into an emergency savings account.

The competition

When you’re looking for the best homeowners insurance options, it’s important to shop around. Here are some competitors to evaluate to see which options are the best for you.

      • Hippo: Offering similar services to Swyftt, Hippo has been around since 2015 and offers homeowners insurance to double the number of states Swyftt provides service in. At this time, you can get a quote in 20 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.
      • Geico: Swyftt and Geico both provide competitive insurance rates but the companies go about it differently. Swyftt bases its rates on the home’s address. Geico may take your credit history and demographic information such as sex, age and marital status into consideration, which may drive up the price of your homeowners insurance.
      • Lemonade: Both companies use technology to determine rates, although Lemonade’s quote process is lengthier. Lemonade provides homeowners and rental insurance coverage in more states and offers customers a smartphone app that handles everything from payments to claims. At this time, Swyfft does not have a smartphone app.
      • Progressive: Like Swyftt, Progressive doesn’t underwrite the homeowners insurance policies it provides quotes on. Swyftt handles customer service and the claims process differently, by being your point of contact on behalf of the insurance provider. In the case of Progressive, once you choose to underwrite the homeowners policy with one of the company’s partnering insurers, you’ll work directly with the insurance provider.
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What others are saying

Inc says that Swyftt is “using data to majorly disrupt the home insurance industry.” Inc is right that AI makes the experience different than using a traditional method to find insurance.

According to the Insurance Business Magazine, “Swyfft is offering agents homeowner quotes in five seconds.” While the quote process isn’t long with most companies, the process of shopping around can take time. Swyftt can make that process quicker.

The bottom line

Swyfft hasn’t been around long. The company was founded in 2014 and is considered a newcomer in the homeowners insurance market. It’s hard to tell what the future holds for Swyftt home insurance, but it appears the company is growing its customer base quickly.
It currently only offers coverage in a few states, although the company intends on expanding its network.

Swyfft is a great option to add to your comparison shopping process, thanks to the unique way it prices homeowners insurance. Consumers who may have a poor credit history or other factors that affect their insurance rates may be able to get a great deal on home insurance because Swyftt prices policies based on the home instead of the individual like in traditional policies.